How Your Staff Can Boost Digital Marketing Returns

How Your Staff Can Boost Digital Marketing Returns

Brand and marketing led businesses outperform their competitors. Fact. That said, you can only get the full benefit of your marketing investment if the employees of the organisation are on board. If you can create a culture that advocates marketing, your reach and return will improve.

  1. Social sharing on LinkedIn

As one of the best and most-effective B2B marketing channels, certain actions on LinkedIn should be second nature for staff. An active and engaged organisation gives a great impression on LinkedIn. Studies show that sharing an article is more effective than a like or comment, because it creates more widespread discussion. Interestingly, 6 out of every 10 LinkedIn users are interested in industry insights. Keep sharing stats that are relevant to your audience.  

  1. Regularly create Google Alerts

Google Alerts can be set up for just about anything. Arguably the most helpful feature allows you to keep track of how often people are talking about your company on the web. Updating Google Alerts regularly is important. Whether used to monitor your reputation, or monitoring clients and competitors, keep refining your searches with new keywords. These alerts are an easy way to keep the staff informed.   

  1. Be a brand advocate

Advocacy makes your brand believable. Encourage all staff to be positive brand advocates for the company by hosting brand workshops. Reinforce the importance of consistency in emailing, messaging, social media and physical branding. Pinpoint natural-born leaders to be brand pioneers, allowing them to drive the message through the organisation.   

  1. Use analytics

Using marketing statistics to marry sales and marketing teams works a treat. Studies show that companies superior in aligning marketing and sales experienced an average 32% growth in annual revenue. Informing your sales teams of how marketing is positively effecting lead generation and their commission is a powerful way to get them onside.

  1. Be aware of commercial partnerships

Encourage your staff to be aware of their networks and consequently scout out commercial partnership opportunities. Mutually beneficial partnerships can be found in organisations that have similar values and supplementary services that match your offering. Other attractive partners have certain strengths that your company is looking to grow in. For example, if your company is looking to strengthen its marketing efforts, pairing with a company that prides itself on stellar marketing is logical. Partnerships are essential for growth, and your employees can help you get there.

  1. Be forthcoming with events and company stories

Have your staff fill the company calendar with key events throughout the year. Encourage your staff to find internal stories featuring employee’s successes, news and happenings around the office. Constant internal communications in all mediums help boost marketing efforts, so keeping everyone informed is ever important.