How you can boost digital transformation this year

How you can boost digital transformation this year

Is digital transformation atop your to-do this year? Gartner tells us that 62% of all businesses are looking to implement brand new digital initiatives in the coming months. That means it’s likely that your bank, butcher and key competitor are all looking to sharpen-up in 2019.

Luckily, our team and many of the businesses that we partner with are riding the crest of the ever-building digital wave. Here are a few pointers that we know will help everyone keep pace this year.

Start with market orientation 

My mate and business partner Dan and I continually push each other to read more about our industry. It’s almost impossible for us to make a business-critical decision without knowing what others in our sector are doing. Likewise, for any digital team, how can you build a market leading strategy without knowing what the market is doing? 

Our simple remedy this year will be to set tasks where everyone is responsible for finding and presenting information about their sector or specialist area to the rest of the team.

Turn up the volume on internal comms

I recently attended a talk with Monzo’s operations manager. For them, transparency was the key to internal comms. Using Slack, they let the flood gates open and – as a result – found their collective voice. For any type of digital transformation to take shape, it needs to come from within. 

As Office 365 users, we’ve integrated with Microsoft Teams. Having set policies for structure and use, almost all internal emails have been stopped. Our inner-thoughts and chatter run through the platform, giving us a much richer repository of files, information and conversation - all in one place. It also means we have cleaner email inboxes, containing mostly important stuff.  

Switch-up your marketing strategy

More than ever before, this year will be one of change for digital marketing. The regulators will snag Facebook. Analytics 2.0 will tell us everything we didn’t know. And we’ll be tapping, dragging and interacting with content in radical new ways.

Take a step back to audit your current approach and – at least – incrementally adjust to save becoming redundant. The channels won’t change dramatically but the potential impact you can make by becoming more involved in them is the biggest it has ever been.  

Back to tracking for a more efficient business

The way in which you receive and use information from your various digital properties is key. If it’s fragmented, then it needs consolidating. If you don’t receive any data, why not?

Whether it’s your office manager or sales teams that are required to work with inbound leads or performance statistics, it’s important to review the flow of information through your business and tighten-up. It’ll save time, confusion and enrichen the level of knowledge among the team.

For more on any and all of the above comments – or if you stridently disagree with anything I’ve said – feel free to offer your thoughts in one way or another.