How Social Media is Changing the Travel World

How Social Media is Changing the Travel World

Looking for a retreat at a stunning beach or captivating city? Then look no further than your social media feeds. Instead of visiting a well-known review site as inspiration for your next getaway, why not use social media as a tool to book the perfect trip?

From beautiful storytelling told by a travel Instagrammer right through to discovering what the local delicacies are by visiting a food blog, there’s plenty of resources at your fingertips to plan your ideal holiday.

One of the reasons why social media is changing the travel world is the way content affects our travel decisions. Consumers would rather take inspiration from content shared by one of their peers or even one of their favourite influencers. Seeing your friend posting about their amazing holiday gives off major FOMO.

This has more of an effect as opposed to a review left by a faceless user on TripAdvisor. A good example of this is from photographer Chris Burkard, who explains how his content has influenced people to visit locations he’s showcased on his Instagram feed.

Not just for millennials

You might think it’s just the younger generation who look to social media to plan their trip of a lifetime. However, a report from Blitz found that 73% of non-millennials are far more likely to book a holiday by looking at social media as opposed to traditional media types such as TV and Magazines.

Good news, it’s not just consumers that are benefiting from the crossover of travel and social media. Businesses are also flourishing. The travel board of Wanaka, a small alpine town in New Zealand invited numerous influencers to stay in the area and create content about their adventures. Due to this, they saw a 14% increase in Tourism growth, which is the highest in the whole country.

As well as using social media as inspiration for a trip, it’s also a fundamental part of the trip itself. 97% of millennials are sharing content whilst they’re on holiday, meaning it’s imperative for your brand to be a part of the narrative. Whether that’s incentivising travellers to share content using your hashtag or giving them discounts on their trip if they complete certain content tasks on their adventure.

Although using social media as a tool to book your ideal holiday is great, we feel that it’s important to contribute yourself. How about documenting your own adventures this summer? Who knows, you might just become an influencer yourself.