Happy international women's day!

Happy international women's day!

To celebrate International Women's day - and the wonderful women in our lives - we thought we'd take a quick look at some of their unique insight as it relates to the world of marketing in 2019. 

We spoke to a handful of women who are doing amazing work, some are clients, some are friends, and some we just wanted to talk to. 

Kate Dale, Campaign Lead: This Girl Can - Sport England
Thirty years ago I did a project about the sexist and one dimensional way women were portrayed in advertising (I got an A). So it’s been a real privilege to run This Girl Can - a campaign that has encouraged 2.9 million women to get more active and shown that you don’t have to make women feel bad about themselves to sell your message or product. And we’re only just getting started. Successful marketers are skilled at changing consumer attitudes and behaviours - we can use that talent to have an impact on how we feel about ourselves at the same time - positive, inclusive celebrations of all humanity rather than negative reinforcement of traditional stereotypes. 

Katharine Nelson, Head of Marketing EMEA - Lonely Planet
In 2019 I’m excited to be working on our first ever charity partnership for one of our children’s titles, This is My World, which will be published under the Lonely Planet Kids imprint, and from which a portion of UK sales will go to War Child UK. I believe that consumer expectations for brands to make ethical decisions are higher than they’ve ever been, and it’s up to brands to meet those expectations, whether that’s through cause marketing, corporate social responsibility initiatives, or just general transparency and ethical practice. 

Dawn Boyfield MBE, Director of Strategy and Development - the tree
Having started my career in the 70’s, I’ve experienced a range of challenges, and seen incredible change in this industry and beyond, particularly in regard to the treatment of women in the workplace. Throughout my career I’ve witnessed the highs and lows of equality – or lack thereof – but one thing that to me that has been a positive constant is our ability as marketers to communicate ideas and concepts in our own way. We have the ability to shape the narrative, rather than to just accept it.

Now with digital added to the mix, modern communication gives us a chance to fight injustice and educate in ways never seen before. We are able to reach people and groups directly with very specific messages, giving us incredible power – and of course responsibility.

We need to band together – both men and women – to make sure that we are constantly questioning our efforts and output, ensuring that we continue to be a force for good and don’t lose our way. I feel this has never been more important, and as much as times are incredibly uncertain, I look forward to seeing what the coming years hold for marketers, and society at large as we continue to influence its direction.

Gemma Whates, Founder - All by Mama
With the rise in influencer marketing and the call for authenticity, especially on social media, user generated content will play a big role in our content plans for 2019 – showing our product in the hands of our customers with unfiltered and real images.

Katharine Trewern, Head of Marketing EMEA - QA Higher Education
With all the changes happening in the Education industry we are certainly seeing changes in the way that institutions across the sector talk to prospective students/learners and applicants. With the changes to market conditions, there’s a shift to a more holistic approach, with education providers taking the opportunity to assess their brands as a whole and the messages that resonate (or don’t) with students and prospects. There’s a significant investment across the sector in finessing tone of voice to be more accessible and personable, linked more closely than ever to the brand. This is then filtering in to the different channels being used to ultimately ensure that the message, the tone, and the channel are working together to be more tailored and personable as the student journey now covers so many more touchpoints. We’re dealing with audiences who will share data, IF they can see it resulting in more tailored and personal comms across their interactions. As soon as it’s irrelevant to them, so are you.

Sam Joyce, Head of Brand - Style Library
Any brand without a massive budget can gain a loyal consumer base through the power of digital and social as a means to talk to consumers without a massive outdoor and print budget. Unknown brands with no budget can all of a sudden be the next big thing through innovation on social and build a loyal customer base. You don't have to be a Kardashian and have a sex tape to make it big! 

Alexis Trinh, Account Director - the tree 
I've been fortunate enough to work with some wonderful women throughout my career - and I've got to say, when women band together, great things can be created. The sense of purpose and the ability to go wholeheartedly after the end goal is so much more dynamic when the group of women support and care about each other.  

We're seeing a huge change in women in digital, and here at the tree - I'm pretty happy to say there's more women in the office than men!