Facebook Launch Sponsored Ads in Messenger App

Facebook Launch Sponsored Ads in Messenger App

Facebook have unveiled their newest feature to help brands connect with users on Facebook Messenger.

The social media giant has begun allowing brands and businesses to send users sponsored messages through the messenger app, if they have contacted or shown a previous interest in the brand. 

The new change means that ads will now be visible in the Messenger window, as well as on a user’s News Feed.

While the update brings a new way for marketers to target people on Facebook, the new feature has been highly criticised and regraded as spam, and in breach of user privacy. However, users wanting to avoid ads have the option to block this functionality and the account that it was sent from.

David Marcus, Facebook’s vice president of messaging, said:

“Of course, people using Messenger shouldn’t worry about getting spammed, because the starting principles still remain: businesses can’t send a sponsored message to threads that weren’t previously opened by their customers or prospects, and users have full control to block messages or people/businesses they no longer want to hear from.”

As marketers, we have to keep abreast of all the new opportunities that our clients have to access their customers. Sometimes, however, it is difficult not to think of the impact it might have on yourself. Our inbox messages are usually personal and functional - diluting this will make this area of Facebook altogether less attractive for users. 

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