Exciting Hospitality Social Media Inspiration

Exciting Hospitality Social Media Inspiration

Looking for a way to inject some new blood into your social strategy for your hospitality business? I’ve gathered some examples of where brands have shown their social media metal.

1. “Think like a customer”

Victory Auto Service and Glass hired a customer of theirs to run their social media accounts, and her first piece of advice was, “Think like a customer”. She highlighted that she would have little interest in following her local mechanic online, as she’s not really that into cars. She set herself the challenge of making the Facebook page more engaging, for other customers like her.

She widened the scope of the content to include traffic, commuting, safety and travelling. This page will never take off and have 100,000 fans, but it will continue connecting customers to a local business, making them much more likely to return when the need arises.

2.  A cause close to heart

Back in 2012 Oreo went viral by posting a rainbow biscuit for Pride. They received a backlash, but more importantly a huge wave of support. Perhaps your business has a cause close to its heart you could start shouting about?

3. Shareable Instagrammable moments

It was rumoured that some Starbucks staff were told to purposefully misspell names when writing them onto customers’ cups. People who use social media love customisation, and people still Instagram and tweet every time their name is scribbled on their coffee. Can you create more shareable Instagrammable moments for your customers? Are you bold enough to purposefully make mistakes?  

4. Share what people love

Pets do particularly well on Instagram, so if you have a shop dog make sure you’re showcasing his most handsome side online. Many offices share regular updates of their canine helpers, and generally they’re well received! Who doesn’t like an extra dose of cute in their feed. If you don’t have a pet, how about a mascot that you can share a little narrative of? The Towel Hall Hotel has rubber ducks (as do many hotels) that can be placed around the grounds for quirky photo opportunities.

5. Get creative with user generated content

Nike Russia launched its Instaposters campaign last summer where it printed selected Instagram photos from fans and pasted them throughout the streets as Banksy-style street art. In addition to this, Nike posted framed prints to the image creators. Could your business get more creative with your user generated content? How expensive would printing people’s pics out as posters in your restaurant be? Could you print their snaps onto mugs and post them to them? Could you do something more than regramming them?

If you like what you hear and you think we might be able to help your hospitality business with its social strategy, contact us today!