Email Marketing Success Using Emojis

Email Marketing Success Using Emojis

Emojis are swiftly becoming an essential engagement tool for marketers in the UK. Brands are continuously working to make an emotional connection with their customers. Words can’t always deliver emotion, but an emoji sure can.

Emojis and sarcasm sell

New research conducted by email marketing firm Mailjet shows that Brits are 63% more likely to open an email from a brand if it contains an emoji in the subject line. This figure was increased to 95% when the choice of emoji was juxtaposed with the content to show sarcasm. The effects of the messaging icons were tested on 15,000 recipients.

And the most popular emoji is…

The tears of joy emoji, which was named as Oxford Dictionary’s 'Word of the Year' for 2015, drove the most recipients to open the email with a 41% success rate, while using the crying emoji in a subject line delivered 39% more opens.

However, for U.S. customers, the open rate from emojis dropped to 43%.

The UK Marketing Manager at Mailjet commented, “Sarcasm, the research shows, has been unlocked by the growing popularity of these expressive little icons.

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