Domino's Packaging Redesign "Back to Base-ics"

Domino's Packaging Redesign

In an age where sharing heavily filtered images of every meal or snack we ingest is the norm, it’s surprising that more companies aren’t taking advantage of our distinct need to show off exactly what we are eating to the world.

Domino’s does it again

That’s right, Domino’s is staying one step ahead of the game by updating their packaging to adopt a far more minimal design for their pizza boxes, a creative and simple way to push their branding that will be far bolder when inevitably shared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The new design takes advantage of the prominence of all their various deals, most notably ‘Two for Tuesdays’ (with apparently 96% of all Domino’s pizzas sold in the UK are in pairs) as well as following on from their relatively young, on-trend, minimal logo update – formed from adjacent red and blue boxes (a bit like a domino, weird that).


The updated packaging follows suit, in an effort to stay ahead of the competition in terms of design trends, brand perception, and modern marketing. From a branding perspective it hits the nail on the head, with the box becoming an advert in itself, and there will be no errors in recognising just where ‘that’ annoying pal has decided to order their fourth #cheatmeal of the week from this time.

Tipping dominoes

This comes after McDonald's fairly recent packaging design overhaul (covered here), which also favoured a bolder, more colourful aesthetic over more cluttered previous iterations.

Does this mean simple, instagrammable packaging is the next big thing? Who will be the next in the line of tipping dominoes (sorry)? It’s no secret that over the past few years the key trend in corporate identity has been to simplify and flatten. Simple eh? Some have gotten it more wrong than others, but personally I would say I was a fan of the direction Domino’s in particular has taken their identity for now.

With a slow roll out across the UK over the coming months, it’ll only be a matter of time before you see it on your news feed (if you haven’t already).