Doing it with The Drum

Doing it with The Drum

The Drum has been at the heart and soul of the marketing world for over 30 years, and we’re forever perusing the magazine at the office to gain inspiration and learn about what the rest of our industry is getting up to.

They champion the industry, and last year launched their Do It Day event to help showcase marketers, who they believe are the most creative people on the planet, and who are we to disagree!

We sent Ree, our Outreach Specialist, to yesterday’s Do It Day (also known as Plan It Day as only the winning entries go forward to the doing element of the task next month), and here’s her summary of the day:

Despite drowning in a cold, I walked up to the Truman Brewery excited to get going. The warehouse space gave it a rather night club feel, and after a coffee I started networking! I swapped tattoo stories with the rather intimidatingly successful Gerry Farrell (Ex Creative Director at The Leith Agency) and fellow blogger/social media expert Lucie Kerley. One coffee down and Founder of The Drum, Gordon Young, opened the event with a speech.

The Drum

I was assured that the opening panel was meant to have a woman on it, but sadly they couldn’t make it on the day. With attending panellists introduced, we were all itching to get going. However, before that could happen, we had our keynote presentation from Shed Simove. He was definitely worth holding back for!

Shed led us through his creative journey, explaining how he pays his mortgage by selling novelty gifts that he invents. He became a best seller with a book that contains no text, and created a currency with his own face on. I loved him. Follow him on Twitter for some neat ideas and business insight.

It was finally time to gather in our teams and crack on with trying to create a winning idea - in one day! We had been asked to submit, in order of preference, which challenges we’d like to work on (you can read the 14 briefs here) and I was a little downhearted that I didn’t get the one I was most passionate about. However, ideal briefs a rare thing so I put my best foot forward. Whatever it was, I wanted to win. Did I mention I am fiercely competitive?

The brief set by Dennis Publishing was:

“To utilise the #treesfortrees marketing campaign ‘tag’ to help generate awareness and long lasting engagement of the Heart of England Forest and its mission to help combat deforestation in the UK. We will plant a forest of 15,000 trees in a single day with the help of the local community, schools, Dennis staff, and the media industry.”

I discovered that there was the opportunity to name a forest, complete with plaque, and official status on ordinance survey maps, and I instantly knew that was the interesting and engaging social hook we needed to lead with. Can you guess what viral campaign I was inspired by? I’ll tell you later on.

Our pitch ended up being framed around 4 key ideas (we weren’t allowed ppt. slides).

1. No one has heard of The Heart of England Forest

2. No one cares about the environment

3. No one had heard of the Natural Environment Research Council

4. #HugaTreeNameOurForest

The public can name a forest, and I promise we’d even accept Foresty McForestFace. (You must know it by now!)

After watching all of the pitches, we had a short wait while each brand decided which pitch had won each challenge. I’m proud to announce my team won, which means we go forward to Do It Day in November. 

The day contained lots of personal challenges, including working with a team of strangers, all from different disciplines. My career history is rather quirky, and I can suffer from imposter syndrome (Gerry Farrell assures me that feeling never truly goes away in the creative industry). However, after being complimented on how I led the team, and got everyone focused on the desired outcomes, I walked away with a boost of confidence. Perhaps I’m actually good at my job. Now there’s a thought.