Diet Coke Roll Out New Can Design

Diet Coke Roll Out New Can Design

Diet Coke has introduced a new can design featuring a bright colour palette, stripped back typography and a new range of fruity flavours.

The design of the cans uses the brand’s iconic silver, and a vertical coloured stripe in either red, green, yellow, purple or orange to represent each flavour. The new flavours include ginger lime, feisty cherry, zesty blood orange and twisted mango.

The shape has also been elongated to give it ‘a more contemporary feel’, according to the brand.

The redesign was led by The Coca-Cola Company’s in-house design team. Vice president of design James Sommerville said:

“This visual evolution elevates the brand to a more contemporary space, while still using at its foundation the recognizable core brand visual assets.”

Sharing his thoughts on the redesign, the tree’s Senior Designer Grant Bennet said:

“I think the latest update seems to be trying a bit hard to push a new look where it wasn’t really necessary… the last facelift on the coke packaging across ranges – classic, diet, zero, etc – looked far more comfortably minimal, with the newest iteration looking slightly forced. In saying that, I can’t imagine it’s going to affect sales noticeably, if at all.”

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Note - The can design is currently rolling out in the US, followed by Canada in February. It is not yet confirmed when it will launch in the UK.