Clutch crowns the tree as London's top creative agency

Clutch crowns the tree as London's top creative agency

We’ve started the year as we mean to go on. Clutch, a data-driven business platform, recently named us one of London’s top creative agencies, recognising the tree as a B2B leader in the capitalThe Clutch Leader Awards celebrate companies who commit to providing exceptional customer experiences, mastering their offering to create real world impact for clients across the globe. 

Who are Clutch, and why are they a driving force in the sector? 

Clutch is a world-renowned ratings and reviews platform, connecting service providers like ourselves with corporate buyers. Publishing the most extensive and referenced client reviews in the B2B services marketClutch has fast become one of the most trusted resources for buyers of all sizes. Thanks to its rigorous selection process, which ensures verified, comprehensive, and unbiased reviews, companies across the US, Europe, India and South East Asia now look to Clutch. The platform has grown by 50% or more year on year and is now listed as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the USsitting amongst LinkedIn's Top 50 Startups.

At a time where the traditional buying process has been spun on its head, platforms like Clutch become pivotal to brand and agency relationships. They spark exciting partnerships that might not have occurred otherwise, catalysing the meteoric rise of the B2B landscape that we are currently witnessing - particularly in digital and creative sectors.

Daniel Andrews, our Founder and CEO had a few words to say on the Leader Award  

"We're thrilled to have been named as one of the leading B2B specialists on Clutch, which is fast becoming one the leading agency qualification resources in the world. Here at the tree, we pride ourselves on helping to grow progressive brands and achieve real world outcomes through social first thinking. 

We work across both B2C and B2B disciplines which brings a real depth of knowledge to all our clients whatever their sector or specialism. It's an honour to have been recognised on this list of top agencies for not just myself but our hard-working team."   

This award was made possible by our clientsThanks to their incredible reviews on our Clutch profile, the tree has been recognised as B2B front runner in the UK creative space. For reference, here are some quotes from their reviews: 

“They were able to visually present data in very engaging ways. By incorporating interactive elements into their work, they set themselves apart from others. The level of support they were able to provide and their ideas on projects really impressed us. We know that they can come up with suggestions when we present issues. They have a great understanding of our brand and work their suggestions around our guidelines.”  

— Communications Manager, Human Resource Company 

“They understand our challenges and industry, always aiming to be proactive in their work. They’ve grown alongside us. That’s impressed us, too.”  

— Director of Marketing, Education Company 

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