Breaking the Brand with Thomas Cook

Breaking the Brand with Thomas Cook

Throw your brand book out of the window! Don’t, but perhaps next time you create a video think more laterally about how you give a nod to your brand values. That’s what Thomas Cook did with this video advert.

Consistency of style is a thing of the past in this video, which skilfully merges typography, photography, amateur footage, stop frame animation, motion graphics and food porn all in one fantastic flurry.  



Work backwards from what you see and you'll arrive quickly at the values they wanted to present and the customers that they are targeting. Re-watch it and you realise how direct the message is without feeling like it. The viewer is being subliminally battered while they take-in the full weight of holiday joy and happiness.

It feels like the product of laying-out every single idea on the table and piecing it all together, somehow making everything feel part of the same family. It is a scrapbook approach that we could all learn from. 

Although this was released in 2016, it is still being used on several channels - indicating that it has been a success. And while the bold colours and typography are mirrored on the website, some stylistic elements of this video will live and die with it. That said, if they don’t reuse the ice cream cone stacked with fluorescent tennis balls and a Flake - I will.