Are Social Media Platforms Reducing Your Organic Visibility?

Are Social Media Platforms Reducing Your Organic Visibility?

You’re not alone. We are all suffering from the fact that our posts are reaching fewer and fewer people, especially on Facebook. The social media giant has recently announced a new algorithm update that confirms the company has been purposely reducing your organic visibility. This may be something that’s set to decline across multiple platforms as they follow the leader.

What does this mean for marketers?

Although Facebook is lowering the visibility of publisher’s organic posts, social media advertising has hit its stride. More and more brands are now harnessing the power of paid promotion as Facebook offers targeted paid advertising, enabling posts to get the attention they deserve. That said, Facebook has recently launched a new feature to help non-advertising brands target and optimise the specific audiences in each post.

Adapt to increase your organic outreach

With the ongoing changes to social media platforms, it’s important to refocus your strategy.

Facebook claims the decreasing returns of your organic content is the trigger needed to improve the relevancy of users’ news feeds and to lower the visibility of publishers with weak content, while raising the profiles of well-thought-out ones.

Our advice is that you ensure your posts are:
• More in-depth by publishing interesting, high-impact and authentic stories.
• More interactive. For example, using polls and tests to keep your audience tuned in.
• Variable. By mixing up the type of things you post about and using alternative ways to engage your audience, such as video or eye-catching visuals.

What’s our verdict?

Reducing the amount of organic outreach publishers have on social media may not be such a bad thing for marketers with strong and engaging content. With social media platforms eliminating week and unsponsored content, this may result in your sponsored, targeted and relevant posts to get the reach and results they demand.