Apple's Taking Creative Control in the Education Sector

Apple's Taking Creative Control in the Education Sector

Apple has just launched “Everyone Can Create”, a programme for schools that follows up on 2016’s “Everyone Can Code”.

With the iPad product as its cornerstone, the programme aims to encourage school students to explore creative fields like drawing, music, film and photography. It offers 300 teacher-developed lesson ideas and educator resources to help integrate creative disciplines into existing school curricula.

Apple’s stake in the education market has been hobbled by its famously high costs – despite the cheapest iPad starting at USD 299 for education customers, Apple has been widely undercut by cheaper competitors whose products are more suited to stretched school budgets.

Together, “Everyone Can Create” and “Everyone Can Code” are Apple’s olive branch to the education sector, and for those who accept it, a chance to show what kind of added value you get for your money when you choose iPad over Chromebook. Teachers who have embraced the company’s offering feel that there’s a good return on investment, since Apple products last longer, hold their value and in some cases, outperform their competitors in terms of what students can do with them.

As tech becomes more and more ingrained in society, we can see the logic behind schools investing in premium-quality products for education. After all, these aren’t just subject-specific equipment for teaching coding. As “Everyone Can Create” illustrates, digital hardware is now part of every aspect of learning, much as exercise books and pencils were for previous generations. And in a world where tech becomes obsolete faster every quarter, schools are wise to choose something that will last longer than a term or two – provided they can afford the price tag.