A micro-level viewpoint for socially led growth

A micro-level viewpoint for socially led growth

We’re putting culture under the microscope and zooming in on the nitty-gritty—the specific things we do, and the changes we can see driven by a growing need to connect in a social-centric world that feels less personal than ever.

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A change in our need for connection

With 20 years since Facebook's launch, we've witnessed diverse tech and features that have tried to bring us closer together. In 2024, the question is: can we shake up how we connect online?

Bed-time habits

70% of Brits check social media in bed, making it a prime but semi-unethical moment for consumer engagement.

Doom Scrolling

Starting the day with negative news makes you 27% more likely to report a bad day overall. Can brands own the start of the day and make things happier?

A digital detox?

Ditching screentime is becoming more and more popular, making 2024 the perfect moment for brands to connect through physical activations that extend beyond the screen.

The double-edged sword of AI

AI's role in shaping social content (and the rest of the world) prompts mixed reactions: 21% are all for it and 22% have some grave concerns.

Craving human interaction

Sure, AI’s great. But the consumer preference is for human interaction in customer service with 58% of people wanting people behind the desk rather than robots.

The highlights

  1. Consumers are actively trying to get off their screens and get outside. Brands need to activate social in the real world.

  2. Craving human interaction is at an all-time high in 2024. With the rise of chatbots and AI, it’s time for your brand to reintroduce people into customer service through live chat, WhatsApp and other innovations.

  3. Whether Brits are thriving or crying about their fast-paced lifestyle we can expect another year of hard work and grind. Consumers are going to need brands to either hype them up or give them a break.

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