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Together, we can reach your customers with unique, creative content marketing strategies. It’s all about crafting content with character. We assist Marketing Managers, Business Directors and just about anyone who wants to swiftly improve their business with fresh and inventive marketing techniques.

We encourage staff to be interesting and interested. We urge them to work smartly and at pace.

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It’s the little things that count. That’s why our first step is always to understand you and your business entirely. Under the microscope, we research your markets and competitors; this insight helps us cultivate meaningful content.

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Content marketing is an art but also a thoughtful science. In addition to the big creative ideas, we’ll always tell you exactly where your return is going to come from. We’re meticulous with strategy and planning and will make no apologies for challenging your processes. This is how successful content is created, placed and promoted.

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Creativity is the root of everything we do. We live to craft beautiful moments and deliver captivating customer experiences. We think conceptually and thematically about all aspects of content marketing to further your goals in new and innovative ways you may never have considered.

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We track your content from seed to the moment it's fully flourishing. Each campaign and activity will be backed by figures to prove your success.

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About us

the tree has grown from bedroom beginnings into one of London’s freshest content marketing agencies.

We’re a heady mix of young marketeers and experienced business people, with more than 50 years’ experience in marketing, advertising and content services.

We offer one holistic view of the entire marketing sector. Our clients see us as their full-service, in-house marketing team – just without the overheads of management costs and wage bills.

Our people are experienced in both B2C and B2B content marketing.

Everything we do is bound by unique creativity and technology driven campaign strategies that yield the strongest results.

Content is at the core of what we do. Whether that’s owned, acquired, earned or commercialised, content is everything.

We’re hiring!

the tree is growing fast. Come join our team and you’ll be welcomed by a team that is diverse, committed and extremely talented.

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Hard hitting reactive campaigns

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Northumbria University

Engaging, innovative AD formats

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All By Mama

Sophisticated E-Commerce Solution

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Social-led content strategy

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Celebrity and Influencer Campaign

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A content and social led approach to travel marketing

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The VIP Experience: Ticketmaster

The real VIP experience

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Just Eat

Making food delivery as easy as magic

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RESCUE® Remedy

Social Media with Soul

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Northumbria University

University website design and build

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Rosetta Stone

In love with interactive content marketing

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    Core services


    We craft user-loving design. Our experienced designers combine conceptual thinking with technical delivery for extraordinary results online, in print and on mobile.

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    We work with a variety of CMS and across a wide number of languages, so whether you’re building sales, increasing engagement or creating your first online presence in old markets or new, we’ve got the solution.

    We develop in both waterfall and agile - depending on the preferences of our clients. 

    We are able to build a vast number of solutions, from simple landing pages to full blown, bespoke progressive web applications.

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    Our written capabilities are unrivalled. We have expertise in penning everything from snappy scripts through to brand documents, SEO optimised web pages, blogs and whitepapers

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    You can’t build sales without a brand. We’ll take you on a process of discovery, unearthing your founding values and transmitting them through a strong visual identity designed to pip your competitors.

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    Social Media

    Applying a strategic, personable and creative plan is the only way to build communities and grow social channels. We use content calendars to optimize our use of content. We target influencers’ social channels and deploy our secret weapon of general chitchat to deliver outstanding ROI for your social media presence.

    We are now one of the country's leading independent social media agencies, having won a number of awards for our efforts - including best agency at the UK Social Media and Communications Awards

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    General expertise

    Video & Animation

    There is no more powerful way to captivate your audiences. We have a storytelling approach to film and motion graphics, matching them perfectly with music and words to create beautiful and purposeful content.

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    Not many have thought about their mobile presence, so be the first to initiate your mobile revolution. For your first mobile step or scintillating strategy and development ideas, do get in touch.

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    Monetising Content

    Do you want content to deliver more than a message? Powerful content can unlock revenue too. Through contract publishing, premium content and media sales, you can realise the monetary value of content.

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    Partnerships & Affiliates

    If two brains are better than one, how about three, four or more? We create mutually beneficial partnerships between clients and strategic media owners. We also identify the most lucrative affiliate partnerships, using our reputation for quality content to gain access to their networks.

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    Media Planning

    Today, every marketing campaign worth its salt has thought about some form of advertising spend. We build PPC and media strategies across social media, AdWords, Bing, display and native to get the most out of your marketing budget.

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    A few brands we’ve helped:

    Biggest content marketing challenges
    for marketers (%)

    Lack of time
    Lack of budget
    Producing engaging content
    Producing enough content

    Ref: Content Marketing Institute/DMA UK

    our testimonials

    • I’ve had the pleasure of working with the tree for a number of years over various projects and they always deliver. Their creativity, ability to work with very challenging briefs in significantly tight deadlines is why we work with them as our lead social content partners. This summer, the work they have achieved with our Summer Festival products has been outstanding and the results through social have been some of our best yet

      Samara Mezher, Head of Sales and Marketing, The VIP Experience: Ticketmaster
      View project
    • The process - all the way from the generation of creative ideas through to the project management, delivery, promotion and sales - was great! We met our targets and exceeded expectations for content marketing campaigns at Rosetta Stone in the future. We look forward to continuing our journey with the tree throughout this year.

      Grant Reid - Head of Digital , Rosetta Stone
      View project
    • 10/10 review – “I hate putting on SPF creams so much, I'd pretty much resigned myself to earlier wrinkles – but this is game-changing. Goes on like a soft, light primer. Touch-dry instantaneously. I'm in love."

      Sunday Mirror, Frezyderm
      View project
    • the tree helped us successfully completely reposition our brand around an editorial content led approach. Their insight and support was invaluable for the growth of our business and they played a pivotal role in helping us reach and exceed our targets, and helped us effectively forge our way into content and inbound marketing. Efficient, effective and professional, the tree are a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

      Mark Smith, Managing Director, Simplexity
      View project
    • “This was a big task to complete in such a short timeframe. The team at the tree responded quickly to our brief and drove the project from day one. They even allowed for creative user-experience innovations that we hadn’t expected, like hover states and iconography. They’ve taken what we had and future-proofed it for the foreseeable future.”

      Katherine Trewern, Marketing Manager , Northumbria University
      View project
    • We have always been known for living and breathing our brand, but this has given us a new lease of life. After working with the tree, the business looks much smarter and we are already working to our fresh brand values and vision on a daily basis. Engaging the team in the process of rebranding was also great, as they could see the level of effort that goes into creating a happy, successful workplace.

      Tom Dean - CEO and Founder , Farsight
      View project
    • “After successfully working with the tree at Rosetta Stone Europe, I reached out again in my new role as Head of Marketing at EasyRoommate. The goal was simple, to deliver more quality traffic, leveraging social media and SEO optimised content. the tree were great in starting with an in-depth audit, to identify opportunities and strategies which could deliver significant, long term growth in traffic. One thing I have always loved about the tree, is their quick turnaround and quality of execution. The strategy and tactics were quickly deployed and target KPI's set. The results were great, with double digit growth numbers in both social engagement and traffic not to mention treble digit growth in traffic to the blog."  

      Michael Benjamin - Head of Global Marketing , Easyroommate
      View project
    • “It’s never easy to promote events like Valentine’s Day, new restaurant openings and seasonal menus - so it's great to do it all in one place. To get bookings via social media is great, but it’s the exposure and awareness that is helping us to grow our brand. We are looking to expand aggressively over the next two years and we need to be widely known. The team are great at making ideas happen and I have worked closely with them to push the boundaries of what we can achieve with marketing.”   

      Simon Brigg, Owner, Porky's BBQ
      View project
    • “It took very little time for the tree to grasp where we were going with this. Everything from the logo to the words on the website was crafted by them, and we have had remarkable feedback from customers and industry specialists. Everyone loves it. We’re now looking forward to doing the team proud by pushing the brand onwards and upwards. Come and join in the fun!”

      Rufus Wickham – Founding Director, Cure + Cut
      View project
    • I’ve been delighted to see the knowledge and team behind the account grow and grow. With ambitious targets to hit, the tree are well-equipped to drive Conspicuous to new levels of success using the latest content marketing techniques.

      Rob Wachman - Founder, Conspicuous
      View project
    • We want to be the leisure consultant of choice for landlords who might enjoy the finer things in life. This brochure really lifts our approach when entering a meeting, giving these very influential people a reason to remember us. The process was also inspiring as clients willingly submitted references and images.

      Mark Calder - Sales Director, Restaurant Property
      View project
    • We certainly took the lead from the tree when it came to our new site. They believed strongly in their proposal to create a dynamic site, where content, jobs and videos are all linked and work alongside each other throughout the site. As you can see, the final result is way beyond any of our competition and a step above most websites that you will come across online.

      Donna Butler - Sales and Operations Director, Farsight
      View project
    • The process from start to finish was one of discovery for us, and the tree guided us through it with great creative and professional drive. It wasn’t easy to see how the initial concepts would materialize. Now, however, we are receiving endless enquiries and praise for the look and feel of the new brand and site.

      Emma Garry - Cullross, Cullross
      View project
    • After an extensive briefing process, the tree got to grips with the product and were able to deliver an engaging and ultimately useful video for our sales teams. This video is now being used in presentations, on the website and at events. It’s great to see it working for the sales teams.

      Emma Garry - Kyocera, Kyocera
      View project
    • “the tree clearly had a vision for what we wished to achieve for the Jenrick brand refresh. It was exciting to know that, with their extensive knowledge and experience, they’d help us to fully embrace, enhance and draw out the strengths that reflect the Jenrick brand and culture. The site is different and so are we, and it’ll certainly help set us apart from other similar services.”

      Kevin Matthews, Head of Marketing , Jenrick Recruitment
      View project
    • “Kyocera attend events throughout the world, putting a lot of money, time and effort into them each time. The team at the tree helped us take the opportunity to create a digital buzz in the weeks leading to the event, enabling the team on the ground to convert attendees into leads. Their live tweeting and daily updates also meant that we were the most active organisation on the ground.”  

      Oksana Ritchie, Marketing Manager , Kyocera
      View project
    • “Working with the tree is a pleasure from beginning to end. I have worked on many projects with the team and I am always impressed at how enthusiastic, receptive and professional they are. They have built websites for us that have attracted some fantastic feedback from within our business, which is testimony to the excellent work which they have done.”

      Dan Jones - Marketing Manager , Ulster University
      View project
    • Our experience with the tree over this period has been fantastic, so a big thank you to you and your team. What could have been disaster due to unbelievable external factors, the tree came in and due to their agility and commitment to quality where able to turn the project round at the last minute and get our global campaign live in just over two weeks. We are extremely grateful to the tree.

      Jonathan Beasley, Marketing Directory, HAYS Recruitment
      View project
    • the tree continue to exceed expectations, their consultative approach, creativity and digital knowledge have enabled us to grow considerably. Year on year targets are increasing and we are excited to push on forward with them as we take on more students and continue to improve their education.

      Katherine Trewern, Head of Marketing, QAHE – Professional Advancement
      View project
    • the tree quickly came to terms with the nuances of our business and as such were able to create content that spoke to our audience on many levels. Their sophisticated targeting techniques and overall methodology resulted in a significant return on our investment, and their transparency and professionalism meant things ran smoothly every step of the way.

      Greame Rowe, EMEA Marketing Director, Pindrop
      View project


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      Savvy organisations know that lockdown or not, social media is the most powerful communications tool around. Brands that don’t use it, and don’t use it well, fall behind. Consumer electronics brands are no exception, and they took on special importance during lockdown. Unable to leave our homes for anything except exercise or essential goods, we depended heavily on computers, tablets, phones, consoles and televisions to work, learn, communicate, and entertain ourselves.


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