Grant Bennett


Grant Bennett

I love...

Haggis, neeps & tatties - 35%
Brand identity - 50%
Beer gardens - 15%

What attracted me to the tree?

I started out at the tree as a couch surfing freelancer, and after 2 months of hard work I was lucky enough to join the team full time. No two days have been the same, and it’s been an absolute pleasure since heading south of the border. Plus, it’s nice to get away from the drizzle.

My experience

After 4 brutal years of an engineering degree, I decided to hang up the calculator and pursue my love for graphic design. 3 years later and I’ve never looked back, savouring spending my days hopping between design disciplines. Starting my career in house with Good Technology, a large tech company, then a stint with Northbound, a small Leicester based design agency, led me to joining the team in the tree house.

It’s a refreshing change working in such a creative and productive team, having real (generally positive) influence over the outcome of each and every project that comes through the door.

Meet the team

Be interesting and interested. That's what we ask of our staff.

The opportunity to build a team and service clients using your own ideas is exciting, isn’t it?

No one would mind me saying that this is a diverse and unique mix of individuals.’s a young, exciting organisation that’s ready to blossom

From my very first interview, I had a great feeling about the tree.

There’s a brilliant atmosphere here, and you can see that reflected in the quality of work.

Trying to overcome my crisp addiction one day at a time.

Design, Design, Design!!!

A mind is like a parachute – it doesn't work if it's not open!

You have to be tech sharp in marketing. We're developing our own products which is great.

Filming the moving world can generate masses of emotion for viewers

Why not try and have some fun with work, fancy a beer?

Jonathan Foan

Their passion for what they do is beyond infectious and is instantly inspiring.

There is such a collaborative nature working here.

Dominic Pearson


    If, like us, you prefer to talk through your ideas then get in touch!
    Call us for a chat, a coffee or a bottle of something cold.

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