Dominic Pearson

Social Media Executive

Dominic Pearson

I love...

Casey Neistat Vlogs - 20%
Dogs - 40%
Photography - 40%

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What attracted me to the tree?

Before I even stepped foot inside the office I knew there was a great energy about the company. Mix that with the ambition shown across the business, I knew it was the perfect place for me to learn and create amazing things!

My experience

I began my career as a slightly above average bass player who at the tender age of 12 was picked to be in ‘Mini McFly’. After Mini McFly didn’t take off like I originally hoped, I found my love for all things Social Media.

I started interning at a Music Tech start up called Crowdmix, where I account managed a whole range of high-end social media influencers, as well creating content at live events all across the world.

After my time at Crowdmix, I joined a publishing company where I was the Community Manager, which is where I gained valuable experience in all things content creation. I looked after a number of different social channels with a global audience of over 4 million people. During my time there, not only did our channels grow and improve, but our customer experience drastically improved, something which I take great pride in.

Meet the team

Be interesting and interested. That's what we ask of our staff.

The opportunity to build a team and service clients using your own ideas is exciting, isn’t it?

No one would mind me saying that this is a diverse and unique mix of individuals.’s a young, exciting organisation that’s ready to blossom

From my very first interview, I had a great feeling about the tree.

There’s a brilliant atmosphere here, and you can see that reflected in the quality of work.

Trying to overcome my crisp addiction one day at a time.

Design, Design, Design!!!

A mind is like a parachute – it doesn't work if it's not open!

You have to be tech sharp in marketing. We're developing our own products which is great.

Filming the moving world can generate masses of emotion for viewers

Why not try and have some fun with work, fancy a beer?

Jonathan Foan

Their passion for what they do is beyond infectious and is instantly inspiring.

There is such a collaborative nature working here.

Dominic Pearson


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