How to Be More Productive When You’re Underground

How to Be More Productive When You’re Underground
Written by Tom Rhodes

Ahh yes. We’ve all experienced it: you’re on the tube, halfway through an important phone call with your boss, and then you go underground and your call is brought to a premature end.

No signal. Despair.

Wait, don’t despair, here are some ways to make that delightful time spent on the dusty, sweaty underground a bit more productive.

Attack of the Ads

Whether you work in marketing or a totally separate industry, take in those delightful adverts.

They’re plastered over every square inch of the underground network so you might as well find a good use for them. Note down some of the best slogans and snap a few photos into Evernote and over time, you’ll have a great repository of great ads – a great source of inspiration for that next marketing meeting.

People Watching

Who doesn’t love people watching on the tube? Not only is a great way to spend your commute while you pretend to be reading your favourite Penguin Classic, but it gives you the perfect opportunity to take a reading of the popular zeitgeist.

What are people’s concerns? What are their hopes and fears?

These real stories could help to add flavor to your next client pitch, or to that next social media campaign.

Spring Cleaning

If you’re like me, you’ll have a love-hate relationship with your emails. Obviously, they’re one of the 21st century’s most useful work applications. They’re also a real pain to keep tidy.

When you’re underground, spare a few minutes to take stock of your emails. Create new folders to help you manage your correspondence a little more efficiently, and put a red flag next to that email you should have responded to last week.

Write Something

Whether your writing tool of choice is a tablet or laptop, don’t be afraid to get some offline typing out of the way. One survey from a few years ago showed that nearly 60% of disruptions at work come from those pesky email (see above!), social network activity and your phone.

Well, now you’re underground, you can actually spend some real time getting that blog post nailed without any interruptions other than that well-spoken lady politely asking you to mind the closing doors.

Hopefully a few of these ideas will help you spend your commute that little bit more effectively. The best thing about implementing one (or all) of the above is that you’ll find your tube journeys flying by like the Victoria Line instead of dragging like the District Line (sorry District Line users!). Feel free to leave a comment letting me know how you get on.




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